Welcome to Train Rainhill

Looking for a Personal Trainer in Rainhill? You’ll find us at the bottom of View Road, right next door to Beauty on View. You can park in any of the local public carparks (be careful to check for any parking restrictions detailed on signage).

Train is a friendly Boutique Personal Training Studio. Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy training alongside a community of like-minded people who like to laugh whilst achieving results. Train isn’t a place where you’ll be “beasted” or leave feeling sick. We believe consistency is key which is why our programme is designed to challenge you whilst keeping things interesting and enjoyable.

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Our Awesome Team

Steve Cooper

Managing Director of Train

Steve is a seasoned Personal Trainer and business owner having built several studio businesses. He loves to interact with clients. Steve takes care of the business side of things, developing the services and growing the brand. Steve works with Matty to deliver the sessions at Train Rainhill.

Matty Currie

Head Trainer

Matty is an exceptional trainer. He’s enthusiastic and loves to get involved in sessions. He has a strong Training background and a degree in exercise science. Matty understands exactly when his clients need to be pushed and when to take a softer approach

Client Testimonials

Train is great! But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what people are saying about Train Rainhill

Not only have I lost a ton of weight, but I’ve made some awesome friends who are going through the same as me, who will pick you up and motivate you to SMASH it! Not just in class but throughout the week! have changed the shape of my body and gained strength I didn’t know I had physically and mentally. Matty and Ste challenge you to achieve your goals!

Emily Dickinson

My successes have been noted by lots of people who have commented on how my shape has changed, my clothes look too big and my weight loss in general. Matty has enabled me to change the way I think about success in relation to health and fitness. My mindset is no longer focused on the numbers of the scales, but more about the way I feel about myself

Natalie Graham