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The first step in achieving your fitness goal is to meet one of our experienced, professional trainers. You’ll find out exactly how we plan to support you on your journey. We’ll take your baseline measurements and you’ll perform some specific exercises that help us understand your start point. The session is free so you can feel confident in your trainer’s plan.

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Personal Training that Works

 Personal Trainers at Train are professionals with the highest levels of understanding. This means that, whatever your goal, you can be confident  that you will only ever do the stuff that works. We are experienced in supporting people like you and helping them achieve results.

Needs-specific Programming

Your programme will be built around your needs, limitations and goals. It will incorporate the things you like and everything you need to do in order to be successful. Your 1:1 programme is written specifically for you and adapted around your body.

Measured Progress

The effectiveness of your training programme will be constantly monitored using a custom-built tracking system. We’ll analyse your progress using measurements from your body as well as tracking key indicative aspects during your training sessions.

Constantly Varied

You’ll never get bored at Train. We believe consistently training over time is the only real route to long-term results however standard gym sessions make it all too easy to get bored. We’ll make sure every session feels fresh to make sure you stay interested and stick to it!

Here’s What Our Clients Say

We believe what we do is great; it’s the best. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients think about Train.

“My successes have been noted by lots of people who have commented on how my shape has changed, my clothes look too big and my weight loss in general. Matty has enabled me to change the way I think about success in relation to health and fitness. My mindset is no longer focused on the numbers of the scales, but more about the way I feel about myself”

Natalie Graham
client at Train Rainhill
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“Not only have I lost a ton of weight, but I’ve made some awesome friends who are going through the same as me, who will pick you up and motivate you to SMASH it! Not just in class but throughout the week! have changed the shape of my body and gained strength I didn’t know I had
physically and mentally. Matty and Ste challenge you to achieve your goals!”

Emily Dickinson
Client at train rainhill
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