About Us

Train with the best trainers
at a studio right down the road, and enjoy it with other people who are just like you



Train isn’t about showing off or posing and it’s definitely not about being in the “clique”. We’re normal people who have busy lives, families and want to be fitter and slimmer. We want to have a drink or a meal without the guilt. We’re just like you.

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Train uses science-backed training methods delivered by highly qualified trainers who love what they do. They understand how your body works. Your training will always feel fresh and challenging with a constantly varied programme that keeps your body guessing

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It Works!

They know when you need support and when you need to be encouraged. You can be sure everything you do at Train is the right stuff to get you results. All you have to do is keep showing up consistently, we’ll take care of the rest.

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Train studios are super local. We wanted to give you the best boutique training environment right in your local village meaning you can dash out straight from work and minimise the time you need childcare.

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Here’s what our clients think….

My successes have been noted by lots of people who have commented on how my shape has changed, my clothes look too big and my weight loss in general. Matty has enabled me to change the way I think about success in relation to health and fitness. My mindset is no longer focused on the numbers of the scales, but more about the way I feel about myself

Natalie Graham

Not only have I lost a ton of weight, but I’ve made some awesome friends who are going through the same as me, who will pick you up and motivate you to SMASH it! Not just in class but throughout the week! have changed the shape of my body and gained strength I didn’t know I had physically and mentally. Matty and Ste challenge you to achieve your goals!

Emily Dickinson